What we do

Majestic Air provides flight training and exciting aviation experiences for people of all ages.

Where we serve

Our offices are at the Lowell airport (24C), but we serve all local airports. If you don't want to drive to Lowell, we'll pick you up!

Please write to schedule a lesson or introductory flight!

A few of the aerobatic maneuvers we teach...

Aileron Roll
Spin and Recovery
Reverse Cuban
Slow Roll

We also provide Upset Training (Emergency Manuevers), teaching you how to safely recover from any flight attitude.
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Flight Training

  • Instrument & Commercial Ratings
  • Emergency Maneuvers
    Learn how to deal with the unexpected
  • Aerobatic Training or Ride
    Learn how to control an airplane in all flight attitudes, or just experience the thrill of three-dimensional maneuvers.
  • Introductory Flights
    Give a fun and educational gift that will be remembered!
  • Bring a Friend
    See beautiful Michigan from above while learning about flight.  Bring a friend and a camera!
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